Things you need to know about skate guards

The primary reason why ice skating is considered a good sport is that it takes you out in the winter. Furthermore, it even positively impacts your body from burning your calories to eliminating mental stress. The more frequently you do it, the more your body will work out. It enhances your aerobic conditioning and have a number of other positive health effects.

Most importantly, it is fun. I can change the way you approach your life. Going out to skate with your beloved ones is a good way to create good relations rather than just sitting in your couch in the cold.

Ice skating is phenomenal but with the right equipment. It can turn terrible if you go without skate guards. Using them is clearly beneficial if you are too much into ice skating. They are a worthy investment that everyone skater must make. Fortunately, they are not expensive. It ranges from $10 to $20 and comes in two different materials named hard plastic and soft cloth. They even come in a range of brands but one of the popular brands is Elite.

When it comes to why you must use skate guards, then here are two very important reasons to do so:

  1. It protects your skate blades and edges from nicks and flat spots. All experienced hockey players have the experience of losing an edge also called blowing a tire. Your skates might just slide out from under you when making a steep turn. This results in damaging your edges.

Furthermore, throwing your skates without having skate guards hit the blades and damage the edge. Unprotected skate blades could also cause damage to your hockey bag. Walking around the ice rink and moving your step on sand or walking on the cement can make you lose an edge.

  1. Skate guards are used to protect your blades from dampness and rust. However this benefit is only limited to cloth skate guards which are highly recommended for hockey players. If your blades remain damp, they can get rust bubbles. Penetration of rust through your surface means internal rusting will begin soon as well. It is nearly impossible to get rid of internal rusting so beware of it.

Types of skate guards

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There are two major types of skate guards called hard plastic and soft cloth. Hard plastics are usually used by figure skaters protecting the blade while they are heading towards to the ice surface from their dressing room. These are only needed if skater walks a lot in skates.

Soft cloths are the one used when you put your skates away and they are not in use. The material is able to absorb all the moisture and protect the edges. If you store the skates in your bag usually then go for cloth skate guards which are also called soakers.


There is a huge variety of skate guards to choose from. You can even look for online shops. Nevertheless, keep the above points in mind before choosing the right skates for you.